• Strong services for efficient processes

Service Management

Lean and stable IT is crucial to your business’s success. 4-tune can provide the effective IT service management to achieve this aim permanently.

  • What do client needs look like from an IT point of view?
  • Which business activities can be enhanced by IT?
  • Which services benefit the business the most?
  • What service quality is most useful to clients?
  • Are the services attractive and in keeping with the market?

Optimised business processes


Efficient business processes are essential to those who wish to stay at the top. By far the greatest potential for optimisation usually exists in IT operations. 4-tune provides effective service management in this respect.



In the context of efficient service management, 4-tune periodically checks the performance and cost efficiency of your IT operations. This leads to organisational measures which optimise your resources. Our ‘Best Practices’ methods according to ITIL have proved themselves. These provide the foundations for IT service management in the fields of service support and service delivery. On this basis we install the right management and monitoring tools for you. These foster efficient processes and measurability in your IT services.



For best results, we employ SPECTRUM’s service manager. It uses and connects information from your network and systems management in the fields of services, service purchasers and service levels. The services are made up of the important components of services you provide. They are actively monitored by the service manager. The service can be put together and determined individually according to your requirements. The service purchaser stands for the clients who purchase your services and have agreements with you concerning quality and performance. The service levels encompass general parameters such as availability, performance, reliability, operating and service times, as well as their threshold levels or criteria which influence the service’s quality characteristics.
The service manager connects these three elements and actively monitors them. You therefore always have an up-to-date overview of the state of the services. In case of disruptions, you can then correctly prioritise interventions.



Thanks to the service manager, you can report possible disruptions and failures to your client transparently. The service manager also provides much additional information. This ranges from the availability of resources and reports on weaknesses and disruption-prone systems, to determining the average intervention time. 4-tune thereby offers viable and long-term service management with measurable added value.


“4-tune lays on the right services and tools in all areas of IT service management, thanks to which your business can take that crucial step forward.”


Ida Eckbladt, CTO, Information International