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Quality Management

Quality management is your most important IT management tool. It permits insights into the systems’ performance, applications and processes. We can realise it for you.

  • End-to-end view
  • Performance data
  • Process data
  • Error analysis
  • Quality circle

Top products for top quality


For quality management, 4-tune largely employs leading products by IP-label. The end-to-end method of measurement allows the availability of your services to be recorded and information on transaction length, robustness and statistical variance to be collected.



The first step in quality management in IT and telecommunications is usually the identification of business-critical processes and their optimisation according to ITIL or Six Sigma. Significant indicators are measured and analysed for compliance with quality parameters. For this purpose, typical user transactions (end-to-end transactions) are reconstructed or specific process statuses measured and analysed (service tree). Due to the flexibility of the linkages, almost all processes and their indicators can be measured.



Using the Newtest™ product line, you can undertake all kinds of transactions from anywhere in your business at any time – from data access via SAP process flows to transmission measurements in mobile communications (WAP, GPRS). In the event of disruptions or anomalies, the causes are rapidly identified and the support channels activated. You can also enable various alternatives and variants which deliver data concerning quality and cause of the disruption. Common standard processes can be reproduced via synthetic transactions. This makes it possible to objectively assess and correct complaints about performance loss or disappointing application quality over an extended period. In this way, the Newtest™ robot creates a base reference for the extension of applications and the refinement of application platforms.
As several robots with different scenarios are usually working simultaneously at different locations, central management and the centralised collection of all measured data are crucial. Configuration, administration and monitoring of the Newtest™ components can be carried out centrally through a web interface. For this purpose, status information and alarms are transmitted in real time. Through integration into a centralised monitoring system, alarms can be consolidated and assigned to the effective cause. If Newtest™ is acting as an independent alarm console, diagnostics are carried out and a fault report created.



Analysis and evaluation of the measurement results, as well as reporting, are important elements of quality monitoring. The reports are structured hierarchically in four levels (Company, Business, Application, Transaction). Apart from the data collected, the reports contain statistical information and trend monitoring. They can simultaneously be compared and evaluated against a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The data collected can be presented on timelines and aggregated by period. Depending on the purpose of the reports, information from over 100 dashboards can be processed.