• Clever monitoring with measurable added value


SPECTRUM exemplifies service intelligence by displaying the status of your IT systems transparently and identifying, classifying and resolving faults in real time. It is monitoring at its best, managed by 4-tune.

  • Service, system and network management in one solution
  • Root cause analysis for quick and simple containment
  • Management of multi-vendor and multi-technology infrastructures
  • Option for automated troubleshooting

Maximum performance and reliability

Our SPECTRUM monitoring solution has been successfully in use around the world for more than three decades. It makes no difference whether it is a matter of wireless, wired, physical or virtual network.


Starting from the network, SPECTRUM monitors layers two and three up to the port or circuit of a LAN or WAN. This way, it is possible to integrate server systems, from hardware parameters right through to applications and processes, into the monitoring process. Root cause analysis technology can pinpoint and fix faults in a faster, more precise and efficient manner. For large modifications to the IT infrastructure, SPECTRUM takes over the new architecture with the help of the patented inductive modelling architecture. This means it is no longer necessary to revise the entire rule tree. Inductive modelling architecture combines the individual components with one another and immediately provides the cause of faults. This eliminates performance loss before it can affect IT service.


Many SPECTRUM users manage their entire IT infrastructure with only a handful of technicians. Compared with companies using other products, SPECTRUM delivers in shorter downtimes, fewer failures and alarms that occur far more rarely. This in turn results in a higher level of user satisfaction, lower costs and savings in terms of resources. One customer with over 100 sites around the world saw costs immediately cut in half after introducing SPECTRUM as the ‘manager of managers’. Employees can now concentrate on preventing malfunctions rather than fixing acute failures.


SPECTRUM’s core competence lies in the monitoring of the network and the system. It features a range of interfaces and views for different purposes. It is also possible to monitor the entire IT landscape from a topological, geographical and service point of view. The alarm console offers a high level of flexibility for processing and management. In addition to information about a particular failure, its urgency and effect, it also provides potential causes and defines rules for automatic troubleshooting. This is how SPECTURM proactively helps solve problems.
SPECTRUM’s scalable licensing model is well suited for small and mid-sized operations as well as international companies with multiple locations.