• To ensure the full transparency of your IT systems

Client Management

The challenge in the administration and management of modern user infrastructures lies in the transparency of the applications, in performance, in the accessibility of hardware and software and in the level of utilisation of peripheral systems by users. The solution is Nexthink.

  • User behaviour
  • Utilisation
  • Client stakes
  • Client statistics
  • Licence utilisation

Smart administration and management


With its Nexthink product, 4-tune makes it possible to achieve a high degree of transparency regarding utilisation levels of IT systems and services using minimal resources.



Nexthink provides important data on the utilisation level of the network, Internet target addresses and of printers, servers and applications. This information can be used to create real-time utilisation curves thanks to which bottlenecks can be identified and avoided. Information from an extended time-frame is likewise essential for the creation of capacity and expansion plans. 



Because all activities are traceable, you can use Nexthink to recognise events, application faults and disruptions, and eliminate them. In the event of general issues with a specific application, this helps the Service Desk to advise users to best effect, and better control call volumes. Support staff can then eliminate problematic system settings and avoid bottlenecks and error-prone applications. Nexthink can provide reports and evaluations concerning the monitored assets, their utilisation levels and the utilisation of installed software at any time. Your IT operation can thereby identify superfluous software and licences. These potential savings alone warrant investing in Nexthink. The future will see fundamental changes in end-user systems. The challenge lies in achieving a seamless transformation, while minimising losses in performance caused by failures and capacity bottlenecks during the migration phase. Thanks to information provided by Nexthink, knowledge of user behaviour can be factored into plans for migration.



80 per cent of all IT security flaws originate in the user infrastructure. This makes the monitoring and transparency of the systems crucial to IT security. Nexthink therefore continuously audits the user infrastructure in order to ensure that standards such as ISO 27001, PCI, etc. are followed. Nexthink makes use of real-time technology which triggers an alarm at any security-relevant incident. The program recognises unauthorised and dangerous software activities, non-compliant configurations and use of the wrong security settings, peer-to-peer connections, malware and unsecure connections. Additionally, Nexthink recognises security flaws and reports unsafe software (games, additional software, malware, etc.), software settings and suspicious behaviour. At the same time, Nexthink offers valuable information regarding capacity utilisation and licence management.