• We build customized solutions designed for your business


The deployment of field-tested and carefully evaluated IT systems featuring the necessary capabilities is one of the factors facilitating your business’s success. 4-tune has the know-how to help you achieve your goals.

  • scalable
  • individual
  • dynamic

IT integration by professionals for professionals


4-tune offers professional ‘Enterprise Service Management Architecture and Tuning’ that leaves no wish unanswered.



The structure of heterogeneous and organically evolved IT environments is often so complex that, due to a lack of overarching conception and complete documentation...

  • hidden potential and risks go unrecognised
  • isolated applications lack obvious utility
  • process-led interventions on a system, user or transaction level are not fully documented
  • synergies go largely unrecognised



4-tune’s solution is ‘Enterprise Service Management powered by ESMAT’. ESMAT stands for ‘Enterprise Service Management Architecture and Tuning’, a procedure and implementation method developed by us. It boasts the following advantages:

  • usable across different manufacturers and products
  • can be integrated flexibly
  • modular and scalable
  • demonstrably cost-efficient

ESMAT enables you to achieve a lasting optimisation of any internal or external business processes based on or influenced by IT. Our integration of tools by leading manufacturers boasts extensive and efficient automation.



We can connect your systems to create a holistic solution. As specialists concerning the integration and cross-linking of processes and applications, 4-tune can gather complex business processes and services into a single service management solution. Numerous references from the health, telecommunications, chemical and industrial sectors bear witness to how well it works.